My Bi-Polar 2013: Lessons in Love

Largely neglected in 2013, my blog became a last priority when real life kicked in. I’ve been meaning to write this post for months and am finally afforded the chance on a snow day piggybacked on a vacation. Today, nothing is due and nothing is expected.

Last year provided me with two vital lessons in love. Love lost and love gained.

Cancer took my mom on June 7, 2013 after two years struggling for remission and never sustaining that coveted status. Then, two weeks later, I married a man I fell in love with at first sight less than a year before we were saying “I do.” It was all at once the saddest and happiest I’ve ever been.

In the span of a few weeks, I became an orphan (my father passed away in 2011) and a wife. I had the greatest hope for my future and the most melancholy reflections of my past. My body and mind were confused by the tears of sadness that transitioned into tears of happiness without pause.

Where do you go from there? How do you deal with bipolarity of emotions? My answer has been to push through the sadness and cling to the happiness like a life raft. Seek out fun and don’t feel guilt about smiling. Remember the past but don’t let it damper the future. And for me, get back into personal writing.

About the Author

jenfromal Jen Fromal is a writer and traveler, working on a career that allows her to do both of these things. While writing for her blog The Smashed Planet, Jen is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities in travel and business. When not writing, Jen can be found planning her next big trip, frolicking outside with her dog or watching documentaries.

  • AmWineryGuide

    Great post Jen. I am sorry for your loss but am excited to hear about your marriage. I thing you nailed it with “Remember the past but don’t let it damper the future.”